Sustainability – Jobs – Food – Environment

-garden design builds

-propert Maintenance

– Soil Regeneration

Compost services

-Community OutReach

-Environmental restoration

-Work force development

-Compititive wages starting at $15

-food education demonstrations and Events

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Join the "Plant for pollinators challenge" with cincinnati zoo & botanical gardens!



Learn how to build and register your pollinator garden here

Our Environmental Care and Educational Resources

Impact your community by using environmental and ethical practices to maintain and enhance your property.

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No matter how big or old you get it always comes back to the little things in life.

Plant Cincinnati is focused on creating a healthy environment for community to share the benefits of.

Our sustainable gardening practices helps work in the community feeding and educating people about food and nature. Building awareness around the importance of healthy environment as a whole hopefully creates understand and compassion for individual needs in a complex system.


Create smart community decisions utilizing natural resources to sustain the world around us.