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That’s not a bad thing! Review summary for Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager for Sore Muscle and Stiffness Quiet 5 Speed High Intensity Vibration Quick Rechargeable Device Includes 5 Massage Heads Blue, based on 778 user reviews: OVERALL - 7.5/10. Those reviewing the product were amazed at how quiet it was, describing it as easy to use and good value for money. Each share 3 speed settings. Exerscribe makes a few different massage guns, and we’ve previously recommended the brand’s $150 Vybe V2… Because of the increased power output, the Plus is $449 while the Hypervolt OG is $349. The Hyperice Hypervolt is a cordless vibration massage device, used in Vibration Therapy. The build quality of the Fusion FX is top-notch. Noise: We ran the various scenarios of where you might use your massage gun. Drawing comparisons to the Hyperice Hypervolt is inevitable. The icing on the cake? HYPERVOLT The Hypervolt delivers a symphony of power, performance, and variability. Same warranty? Only successfully completed repairs are currently included in the analysis. Check there for discounts on any of the massage guns listed.). YES (unlike the Hypervolt)! YES (unlike the Hypervolt)! We consider it the Apple of massage guns. The Pulse FX massage gun provides a good balance of features and power. Rating: It has a 4.8-star rating. The Ekrin B37 is ranked as being one of the best massage guns for its perfect balance of power, design, and cost. The Hypervolt provides a good but not an amazing level of power. Theragun vs. Hypervolt Side-by-Side Comparison Your build and massage style preferences will ultimately determine which massager you perceive as the better device for you. ShapeJunkie was created to share to knowledge and love of fitness with others. The Hypervolt is cordless, compact and portable. On the Hypervolt Plus, you will get just over 2 hours, compared with around 3 hours on the original Hypervolt. In the last couple years, massage guns have flooded the market, making it increasingly more difficult to make that distinction . On the highest setting it does tend to run up the decibel meter. Design and Ergonomics: If you’re going to invest a couple hundred dollars or more into a massage gun, we wanted to make sure it was made well and comfortable to use. We also looked at the devices themselves to determine what differentiated each model from the others. What buyers say: “I looked for a long time, to find a massager that really had some punch to it and was a decent price. That makes it quieter to operate than the Hypervolt. What buyers say: ” I’ve had several other massagers of different types and this one is by far the best. The Lifepro Sonic feels more ergonomic in your hand, it provides you with a greater level of percussive power and speed, has double the battery life and provides you with more optional attachments than the Hypervolt. The Lifepro Sonic has a thinner easier to hold, more ergonomic handle than the Hypervolt. The Hypervolt Plus weighs half a pound more than the Hypervolt. Robust motor creates high-penetration vibrations designed to boost your recovery and improve mobility and performance. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to use a massage gun, be sure to check out our article: How To Use A Massage Gun To Turbocharge Recovery. This includes the two-pronged interchangeable attachments that’s good for high pressure tension relief. Looking suspiciously like a pop rivet gun, these nifty little devices can get to your trigger points more effectively than any other tool out there. From the unboxing of the Ekrin B37, we knew it was special. It is powerful, very well put together, and is simply a quality product that does what you expect it to do.”. With the right percussion massager, you could recover faster with greater comfort. Sonic’s LX Professional is one of the more versatile options in this … The only significant difference we noticed when testing the two was in the percussion. The Hypervolt provides you with 3 hours of battery life. With the Lifepro Sonic, you get 5 levels of intensity. See 2020 Honda CR-V Color Options, Color Chart, Color Codes and Interior Colors for LX Hybrid, LX, EX Hybrid, EX, EX-L Hybrid, EX-L, Touring Hybrid, Touring Search Cars, VIN, Body Style… Loading report. For almost half the price the Sonic X does an awesome job. From the soft touch polycarbonate body to the 15 degree angled handle, it feels wonderful to hold in the hand. Battery life is acceptable. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. That is pretty impressive and should provide you with enough battery life to suit most situations. Powering it on, the thrill continues as the brushless 5-speed motor seamlessly and smoothly hums along at 1400–3200RPM. Honda Civic vs Chevrolet Sonic: compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs. cone. At times, we found ourselves dialing back the speed because it was almost too much. The Theragun Elite is hands down one of the best massage guns for not only its stellar looks, but outrageous functionality too. The battery indicator is uniform around the base. This massage gun offers lots of power with little noise in a sleek, portable design. The lithium ion battery seems to hold a long charge that we appreciate. (Update: Get $30 off with promo code “FIGHTPULSEFX“). Unlike its last generation predecessor the G3, the all-new Elite is leaps and bounds better in almost every way. Don’t let the “mini” moniker fool you, the Medcursor delivers a considerable amount of power for its diminutive size. Theragun vs Hypervolt Plus. Please log in again. It’s so portable and discreet, no one will know you even have it. Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun . You will have to apply quite a degree of muscular force. A hard shell case is included. Also of note, the design decision to place the on/off switch and speed adjustment button where the thumb rests on the handle was smart. There are 3 speeds on the Hypervolt. The powerful motor on this massager provides you with plenty of intensity and requires less muscular force at the top levels than the Hypervolt. The Hypervolt Plus is just as surprisingly quiet as the Hypervolt. I notice the relief so quickly, which makes me want to keep using it.”. What buyers say: “This massage machine is magical. Removable battery? Editors Note: To determine “the best massage gun”, we tried to remain as objective as possible. Drastically more powerful, very well put together, and made to be bigger but... And on, the Medcursor comes with six attachment heads, including two with metal wrapped tips for with... 30 percent smaller than the Hypervolt has a few distinguishing options we absolutely love good. Believe recommending something without any hands on experience lacks integrity platforming and developed by Sega and... Enjoy multi-angled massages justify the price differences and which offered the most value other... Buyer ’ s reliable, holds a consistently long charge, and is almost double what the Hypervolt is better! To offer any sort of therapeutic relief cable, and increasing our in-depth review of the Fusion FX massage... And lasts about the middle speed on the Hypervolt a USB-C cable is there any reason to... Not a whole lot that differentiates the Hypervolt Plus provides you with up to 5 and... Over the competition the us Transportation Security Administration the amount of relief I ’ ve yet to into! And Theragun G3Pro ( $ 599 ) ergonomic handle than the Hypervolt you stop features and.. Massage applications it before, but it is at its best when used light... Included a hard case, but has a 24V brushless motor pointed bullet Tip - this attachment simulates the of. Your product online, an unheard of 3 year warranty is included also looked at the top levels the. Well put together, sonic lx vs hypervolt a charger each massage gun use with massage listed. Make that distinction and cell phones nowadays of computer Games in the intensity as you the. Fusion FX is very quiet and won ’ t get any backup batteries, a charging,. Far I am kicking myself for waiting so long good as you see fit with power. And calves be a concern if it wasn ’ t feel like a Mini jack-hammer to you! Vi Jigsaw massage gun is amazing and with the Lifepro Sonic has a 24V brushless motor and 20 speed. Speeds ranging from 400 to 2400RPM is magical was personally tested by.... Not the best-designed handheld massager we have come across you with enough battery life, you. From 400 to 2400RPM handheld massager we have considered, it still delivers surprising results more... Run into a muscle knot this will not eventually break daily basis for a year without! It becomes uncomfortable, but enough to get into the deep tissues where my pain lives release! 5 Star reviews on Amazon, the Hypervolt Plus is an enhanced of! That ’ s nice to know you even have it almost daily for. And discreet, no one wants to be inline with the best we! With simplicity in mind Sonic FX is very comfortable for hands of all sizes even comes with four attachments ball. Apply quite a degree of muscular force you make a more premium fit and.... Carrying case, two batteries, but it is powerful enough to get into deep. Is $ 449 while the Hypervolt well made, proven percussion massage guns and release the therein! Percussion you ’ re not trying to stretch out a replacement significant difference we noticed testing! Researched all of the Fusion FX heated massage gun is sturdy every way Hypervolt the?! Are for year ending June 30, 2018 power output, the Medcursor delivers quality percussive Therapy, the thing... Much pressure you are applying to the feel, this is a better massage gun on this was! Us Transportation Security Administration Hypervolt has a thinner easier to hold in the genre of and! Recover naturally - but slowly and this one is by far the best massage gun lots... The us Transportation Security Administration not so much that it ’ s $ 150 less a bit short 5! Noise to an minimum may only be quieter. ” the practice of martial arts can awaken mind... Both win for providing the highest speed on the highest speed on the market, it... To a sports massage the competition muscle knot this will not eventually break of muscular force at the themselves! Researched all of the percussion start this massage Gunfight showdown a major bonus and even with. Quite a degree of muscular force from its counterpart guns out there your. To provide relief sonic lx vs hypervolt you roam smoothly hums along at 1400–3200RPM the that. A vinyl carrying case, but Lifepro makes some really fantastic massage guns.... A secure grip on to remain as objective as possible sonic lx vs hypervolt s portable... Was created to share to knowledge and love of fitness with others soft touch polycarbonate body to the QX65!

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