Plant Cincinnati is a full-service gardening and landscaping company with an emphasized focus on native ecology and edible designs. Plant Cincinnati is a socially-motivated company that is working to better environmental practices in our community and to create beautiful spaces for our homes. We focus on garden beautification by utilizing design, installation, and maintenance services.

We plan to be local leaders in promoting the health and wellness of our natural world. We use profits to propel community education and work programs for youth and motivated volunteers.

In April of 2018, Plant Cincinnati rooted itself in the suburb of Madisonville to create a permanent home with a dedication to educating and improving the community. We’re grateful to the neighborhood and businesses that have been so hospitable in our welcoming. For our first project, Plant Cincinnati worked closely with the Park Board of Cincinnati and local volunteers to create the Little Duck Creek Task Force, for which we plan to have an ongoing maintenance program. Plant Cincinnati alone volunteered over 190 working man hours to removing honeysuckle, mulching, and restoring pathways!

Plant Cincinnati’s volunteer efforts have also allowed us to work with Walnut Hills Redevelopment’s health coordinator to initiate projects for feeding people in the neighborhood, and with the grassroots monthly event Potluck for the People, held at Piatt Park, in a friendly effort to make a difference for the homeless. We are enthusiastic to do more community projects in the new season, so feel free to contact us if you’d like us to assist in any projects or events!

In 2017, we teamed up with GoZERO Services to create a onsite compost station in Madisonville! Learn more by following the link above.


What is a Permaculture Garden?

What is a Permaculture Garden?

What is a Permaculture garden?  Have you heard the term Permaculture before?  For Cincinnati area gardeners, Permaculture means to take a natural landscape approach to gardening and to ensure you are planting things that have a purpose (for example, are edible) and...