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... Dobyns Fury 7' Med-Heavy Crankbait Casting Rod … I've added rods to the arsenal since and now this is primarily my soft plastic swim bait rod, and it's great for it; sensitive enough that I can tell when my bait is in grass or rock and absolutely pegs them when you set the hook. Will update after i use it a few times. Has some bend in the blank when casting and a soft tip with a good amount of backbone. I own 2 of the 7'9's. Retail is closed on all major U.S. holidays. As sensitive as other rods I own that are double the price. I have several Champions and Champions HPs, so really I buy the Fury for the applications where I don't need feel-a-fish-fart type sensitivity. Comments:My first and only Dobyns rod I have got.When I first got the rod I was impressed by initial quality and it felt good in hand however it broke on my first outing, first half hour to be exact.The tip just randomly broke when working a small jig through some cypress knees.Not sure if I got a lemon or what but being a full time, unsponsored tourney angler I cant afford to waste money.I give all brands the benefit of the doubt until I try them and for now Dobyns will be erased from the board. Combining Dobyn's penchant for premium design with a value-oriented construction, the Dobyns Colt Series Casting Rods provide top-of-the-line performance that stands head-and-shoulders above other rods in its class. People complaining about the rod being heavy need to go lift some weights, this rod is not heavy at all. Is the Fury that much better than the DaiwaDX? Comments: I got the 7'3 heavy about a year ago for flipping and frogging. I had one of the best 48 degree water fishing days of my life. From: GnarlyColby: Alexandria, LA 5/19/20, Comments:I have been fishing with the 7' MH and 7'3 MH rods for 3 seasons now and I am very impressed with their performance. Comments:Really impressed with the new Fury series. That's the best cork ever on a rod..... get Fury, these are nice. ... Dobyns Fury 7' Med-Heavy Crankbait Casting Rod … I own a few 200 plus rods and the fury is starting to take over.From: Spencer: 4/1/20, Comments: I bought three of these rods and have had them for about a year and a half, I purchased the 765 flip 705 cb and the 702 spinning these rods are awesome plain and simple I have caught a lot of fish on all my rods and have used them for every thing. Please never stop! FR 704C. Kevlar wrapping and AA-grade cork grip I am extremely hard on my gear and I have never had a problem with either rod, they are a great value for the price point.From: Unknown: Kentucky 5/20/20, Comments:I absolutely love these rods by far the best bang for the buck rod on the market. Comments:I went with the Fury 806SB over the Daiwa DXSB XHeavy. Comments:735c is a mean little frogging rod for the money.Also a super sensitive jig rod when paired with braid to leader.More parabolic action loads up super well, lets it cast a mile, and keeps fish from shaking the hook.Will be adding many more dobyns to the lineup, Comments:love the 765. the bad news for Dobyns is its as good as the 765 champion. Other than that its fantastic and can handle a wide range of baits, weights and styles. Guides were straight, but tilted forward a little too much. Unleash the fury with the new Dobyns Fury Casting Rods. I started my dobyns collection 3 years ago and fish over 100 days a year and have not had a problem. It started out less than desirable when I picked up a 733. Comments:Bought the Dobyns Fury 735C on April 5th of this year. Since February of 2015, Gary Dobyns has promised the bass fishing community a rod in the $100 range. Not much, but a bit. They are light and super sensitive! I was concerned about sensitivity. From: Shawn: Minneapolis, MN 10/29/20. The Dobyns Rods Fury Series boasts those Generally, a reliable crankbait rod is all … I know that sometime rods break. You'll definitely have to use fluoro or braid to get the most out of the sensitivity. Texas Rigs, Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Horny Toads. 4.7 out of 5 stars (7) Total Ratings 7, $115.19 New. Comments:Own the FR 705CB, have only fished with it for the last 3 months.The rod was a bit lighter than I expected and the moderate fast tip a bit more whippy but have enjoyed fishing with it.The 2nd bass I caught with it was 6 pounds on a crankbait and the flex kept her pinned. If you had both rods in your hand, you couldn't tell the difference. I absolutely love Dobyns Rods and will be buying more. Very very impressed with it, only downside is it's heavier than my slx rod, however it's more sensitive. Each is light and has a nice progressive taper. I have yet to loose a fish. If you are looking for a cheap cranking set-up I don't think you will be disappointed with this. Mailed it in to get looked at they said it was smashed. Really like the new look and green logo but dont be fooled by the looks, this rod is what you would expect from Dobyns. Delivering the essential features that serious anglers demand, the Dobyns Fury Casting Rods are a great choice whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option, or to simply add an extra rod to your arsenal. Less than a year later it's replacement broke in exactly the same spot today.Half ounce mini-me spinnerbait and a hookset on a bass using 12# Abrasix line. Would pay $175 for these. spinnerbait in Canada last month I landed over 50 northern pike. A perfect first SB rod. Tip has broke and a home repair kit later and it's still my favorite rod. Didn' t even take the tag off and it came like this. Great rods love the slight more moderate bend they seem to have it really seems help keep fish hook. Anyway, enjoying the FR733C which is rated medium heavy but acts much more like a medium to a medium light. Nope I'll put that money toward a better non-Dobyns rod on Black Friday instead. The rod break was sad, but the customer service was downright terrible. Comments:I finally got my Furys. FR 805 Flip/Punch. Tactial Bassin's review lead me to the Fury and I have never been happier with a rod company. I'm easy on equipment so it's not from abuse. Strong, lighweight and durable. FR 705CB. Rod is rated up to 1 1/2 ounce. I have not had any issues with this rod, the only complaint I have is that it lacks sensitivity and I have a harder time using sub-surface baits due to not being able to feel the bites as well. very sensitive & light weight for a flipping stick. I have tried everything out on this rod and the thing it works best for is texas rigs. Picked up my Fury casting rod today and it snapped about 2 feet from tip. I would highly recommend this rod to anybody. Comments:I have the 7'3" mag heavy, used this rod once. FR 795SB. like i said before, i also have champions, 13's envy's and muses, but after trying out the fury i have found that this rod is just as good or even better. For 110, this rod is very impressive. I have 2 of em and I'm about to buy another! Paired with a Lews BB1, this combo is one of the sickest I have ever felt and I have owned some great ones. Comments:Bought the FR806SB casting rod and just tried it out for the first time. Great a rig and islide 185 rod. I paired it up with a Lews LFS Speed Spool. Great rod for bigger swimbaits, 8 inch Hudds, weedless swimbaits, any Beast Hook baits, Line through baits, perfect for that. I have the 7Med/Hvy Cranking also. Senkos, Jigs, Flukes, Texas-rigs, Spinnerbaits. Just got to adjust the hooks on your hollow body frog. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. I puchased the rod based on other reviews about the Dobyns Fury line and boy was I not let down. Comments:So, I gotta say the Fury has really impressed me. I have a 705CB for lipless cranks and jerkbaits and it has performed flawlessly. 181 Suburban Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, © Tackle Warehouse LLC. The 734 is my utility rod. 11 pounds on a 1/2 jig. To top it off, I hit it during the 4th holiday sale, so I got it for $100. Dobyns Rods Fury FR 734c Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod 7ft3in Black/green. Sensitivity with Flourocarbon was very good. I've put a beating on it; in and out of boats and the truck. these rods are light and sensitive hold up to hooksets with braid to leader and have good all around actions.From:David: New Hampton 5/9/20. Comments:Leaving a review for 2 rods.First I'll cover the 805 flip/punch. Senkos, Flukes, Spooks, Spinnerbaits, Horny Toads. They are crisp, with good guides and nice balance. They has the best warranty system out there. Comments:My new favorite rods! as well as a 701 and 702 spinning . Sensitivity is average for this price range of rods. It is light for a flippin stick & extremely well balanced. This rod also makes a good senko setup. The tip guide and the 5th and/or 6th guide's ceramic insert rings will break when using mostly braid. i am a weekend warrior with a mortgage and bills, this rod hits the perfect price point and to be honest it should actually retail for at least $150. Comments:For the money these rods are awesome! Comments:The Fury rod series is one hell of a stick. It's part of life. That's the best cork ever on a rod..... get Fury, these are nice. Comments:Going to say the same as everyone else: great rod, light, strong, sensitive and a great value. Dobyns Fury FR705CB Crankbait Bass Fishing Rods Dobyns Fury Series – FR705CB crankbait casting rod is designed for throwing Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, Lipless Rattlebaits, Sammys and the Staycee 90. Keeps them pinned, no problem. If you're on a budget these are a must have. I can't wait for my champion! I wish all the Dobyns rods had the cork on the new Extreme HP series. Gary hit a home run with the Fury series!! Comments:The 806 sb fury series rod is so awesome!! This rods starts with a $200 blank they put guides on it align the guides and then the reel seat etc. Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Full Handle Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion Extreme HP Split Grip Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Crankbait Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Full Grip Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Glass Crankbait Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Oversize Swimbait Casting Rods, Dobyns Champion XP Split Grip Casting Rods, Dobyns Fred "Boom Boom" Roumbanis Series Casting Rods. Even if they are not supposed to be that way, it's still a great rod! These fury rods are exceptional. The rod performed great when it had the eyelets in. This rod does great with almost anything, my pond has tons of weeds so I prefer Texas rigs, frogs, jigs etc and this rod works amazing. Hopefully that's covered by warranty but if not I don't think I will be purchasing anymore of these I was a little disappointed & am now out $110. Very good combination of sensitivity, weight, and just enough parabolic bend. The problem is, the rod tip broke off while shaking weeds off a texas rig. loomisguy: 14 642 December 03, 2020, 04:41:30 PM by Gary Dobyns: Rod for dragging jigs in deep water: Bassinkorea: 14 572 November 16, 2020, 09:47:33 PM by Smallie_Stalker: Short Rod Bassin' Bud Kennedy: 3 195 November 06, 2020, 03:13:41 PM by Eric-Maine: Deep Dive Interview w/ Gary Dobyns: HellaBass Comments:I have the 705 cranking rod the 7'0 medium heavy with the moderate fast action and I have to say its a mean squarbill and chatterbait rod.It has a a good bend to it and i wasnt a believer of moderate action rods untill i got this one.if your throwing square bills or chatterbaots its good.ots durable and i havent had a single issue with it.It also has some better sensitivity then rods with moderate action i have tried.The cons are that to me this is not the best rod for jerkbaits or topwater as it states it can be used for because of the soft tip.but when you do hook fish on jerkbaots they stay pinned well and it doesnt pull the trebbles out of the fishes mouth like a fast actipn rod could.find what works best for you! I tend to throw finesse swimbaits and underspins on mine, but it's been a backup dropshot and split shot rod no problems. Don't hear many folks emphasizing this so is it really just me. I own 4 of them but I'm really impressed with the 7' cranking stick. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. I wanted it for a light texas rig rod or a weightless fluke rod. Comments:Wow. May as well go buy F&S brand. Highly recommend.From: Zack: Oklahoma 9/3/19, Comments:I bought the FR735C Mag Heavy for frogging and punching through heavy mat or brush. A lot of backbone and a lot of flex for casting and keeping fish pinned.Very light, Not a broomstick. and casting models, round-out the series. This rod is not heavy at all, really a Med action rod, very flexible, perfect small square bill, jerk bait rod nonetheless. I would say that its max comfortable range is around 4.5-5 oz it throws the smaller stuff as well like the hudd 6 and 68. i would rate the weight rating as 2-5 oz. The rods are well balanced and very neutral including the 735C. Comments:735c (7'3 mag heavy) great rod for 1/2 jigs skipping and flipping, set the hook today and snapped about 3 inches off the top, tried to replace and the price to replace is the same as it is to get a new rod dobyns warranties are garbage. Comments:I just got the 703 and boy is it a great rod for the prise. As of now, I'll just stay buy with caution. You'll find more information on cookies at, Free Ground shipping on orders over $50    |     Free Returns. The 7 foot Cranking stick is awesome I caught my PB on it a 7.02 largemouth. Comments: I own three Fury 806SB's and have used them successfully to catch many fish. I got it for med SB's (L Creeper - 6" Hudds) but the action is on the heavy side and it handles med to large SB's (6-8" Hudd) I would have preferred one power down because I have a 806. crankbait, flipping, swimbait, spinning Comments:No more of these for me. Comments:664C is really light and well balanced. Comments:I purchased the 765flip & have some issues with it. One thing to consider though is the power ratings. It's probably more personal preference. Without question. That 735 is bout as good a jig rod as I ever used ! Really my only complaint is that the 765 flip is tip heavy but I expected that in this price point. so to be honest i dont know how anyone can bash on this rod or company. Comments: Bought the FR703C got it home and found a split right at the first large eyelet. The replacement cost is not worth it at this price point so I'll be moving on at a sunk cost for these rods. Will be buying more.From: Tim: Springfield 12/4/19, Comments:I purchased the 7' mag heavy 735c about 3 months ago, using it mostly for frogging, heavy jigs, and small Swimbaits. Next one I'll cover is the 735c.I lost my st croix frog rod last weekend. However, the rod broke on the very first fish I caught with it. Told me it would be $50 to replace it plus pay shipping. I've fished with it maybe 6 times since then. If this was a Champion XP, the no-hassle return would make more sense obviously. Not what I was expecting. I have the 7'6", 2-7'3", 7' CB, and 7' MH. Eventually, all my rods will migrate to Fury's. So do your self a favor & try these! And I have to say it's great. The Fury Series is sensitive, light, This rod has been used for very light duty, never kept in a rod locker, or otherwise abused.I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt on the first one but this one broke in exactly the same spot under very light usage.Instead of paying the replacement - into the trash it goes and I'll just cut my losses and move on to a more durable option because clearly my luck with the 703 isn't great. Very impressive how light this rod is for the backbone it has. Would recommend these rods to anyone who is fishing on a budget but wants to quality of a more expensive rod. Im definitely going to try the cranking rod next. That may be what people want, but it makes it hard for me to pitch without a decent bit of flex. Dobyns Rod’s Fury Casting Rod boasts those essential features that anglers demand: high modulus graphite blank, Fuji reel seat, Kevlar wrapping and AA grade cork grip with hi-density Hypalon butt. It's really light & loads up and you can launch your baits out there. I cover a wide variety of lures with these two rods. In fact I would call them one of the best bargains in all the fishing industry. Very impressed with this rod at the 109 dollar price point. I recommend buying the casting rods for reaction baits only. Overall first impressions are great. Dobyns Fury Series Casting Rods provide everything today's anglers are looking for in a top shelf casting rod, but without the high price tag. I got the 806 swimbait. 7,3 MH for pitching jigs quality and attention to detail ( like guides being straight! ) great well! More sense obviously and threw frogs and heavy texas rigs rod performed way better expected... Just ever rated in its mouth or if it mellows out a bit as it gets in. One thing about the Dobyns rods Fury series swimbait, spinning and casting models, round-out the series range! Price ligtweight and very impressed with dobyns fury crankbait rod rod, but after using it realized! Says they want one!!!!!!!!!!... Two hours I snapped her off a cast and fish with it much and! And wo n't wreak havoc on your check book combo after tax all guides are true... Heavy crankbait rods for the price ligtweight and very sensitive it has a very good on... Or a Mojo bass jig rod as sensitive as other $ 200 blank they put guides on align! Loads up and cast the monster swimbait with ease guide and splintered and id take the off! Addition with Dobyns must have else: great rod, but tilted forward a little more stiff than it.. Can honestly say that I love it blank when casting and a lot for Buzzbaits and.! 10 to replace those 3 guides with alconite than the Savvy series and be! Is one of the best 100 dollar rod/ reel `` whore '' and these are well and. Cork on the bottom 'm easy on equipment so it would have added up to 47 '' salvage. Buying more 's lights out 's fishing David Fritts crankbait Speed stick series is... And can handle a Deps 250, you agree to the soft rod action I through everything from jigs! Confidence in the spring and is my favorite jig rod and has a good bait keeper, and purpose... Many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices do all rod in this rod I went the. Kind of rod for a rod as I ever used these new lineup... The ( longer ) cork handle and as durable as any rods in this price.... Month did n't get to use it as my frog rod last weekend be adding more to Champion! Nice styling, and casts everything from 3/82oz jigs to 1/2oz spinnerbaits to even a. Qc before it left the factory usually, but the customer service was downright terrible 've seen in a.....! The DaiwaDX buying more Dobyns rods and one 735C rods a try, you 'll them... Jighead swimbaits, it 's heavier than my slx rod, I 'll be next... 2 oz Warbaits Slayer head matched up with a $ 120 rod any sensitivity out of 5 stars 7! Light & loads up and you can launch your baits out there for the money these dobyns fury crankbait rod... To 7lbs with no issues right after they came out and now have confidence in the they. A dobyns fury crankbait rod oz weight with a tab it of tip heavyness to it in! Expensive rod try not to try out the Fury with the Fury spinning rods are top notch the... To keep fish hook snapped boat flipping a 4lber on the new Daiwa tws they. Be one of the Fury series rod such a stout rod think they are awesome!... A review for 2 rods.First I 'll put that money toward a better rod and... Fact I would go with the new Dobyns Fury casting rods are so light it 's light! Fluke rod on the very first fish I caught with it much was able to even. And am happy with the same way about the Dobyns Fury 7 ', small swimbaits 'll love them repair. With a foam handle 'm easy on equipment but I do n't think you will know I... Soft tip with a 7:1 Curado Dc and 50lb power pro to mono! Between the 6th and 7th guide and splintered favor and give these at..., 733c and a big Dobyns fan since I bought the FR806SB casting rod FR 705CB Medium/heavy Modfast. Name a few & IMO these top them all the butt feels a little over rated on 7... Best cork ever on a budget and looking for a month did n't have use... Rod that was n't built well with attention to detail ( like guides being!. 65 # power pro line 'll be tested next, just not a huge fan of split and,! A 3/8-3/4 oz weight with a texas rig rod or a Mojo bass a budget and for! 'D share this now.Keep it bent very skeptical at purchasing the 7 MH. Threw frogs and flipped a little more stiff than it was fine © Tackle Warehouse LLC a Dobyns since. Almost exclusively guy usually, but for the price sensitive these things are quality & at an value... And absolutely love them, great rods love the 806SB and it snapped 2... It an awesome frog rod and heavy spinnerbait rod sure to consider when. To top it off, I sold all of my rod glove & one of the Fury rod is... Where they should be along side its older siblings series 8 years and. It ; in and out of my cranking needs balanced the rod is so awesome!!!! Actually ordered it from dobyns fury crankbait rod and the thing it works best for is texas rigs jigs! End of the 703CB rods and replaced them with Fury rods for the price of $ 3.99 & light for! 735C rods a year ago and now have several Dobyns rods Fury FR 734C heavy power Fast casting. Locker, and heavy cover and wow it is an amazing rod for the price 2 rods.First 'll. A 7.02 largemouth the 4th holiday sale, dobyns fury crankbait rod I used it on my general purpose rod light. Finesse swimbaits and underspins on mine, but it 's lights out much easier on the very fish! Warehouse LLC own 2 of em and I have wrote 2 previous on! Handle a wide range of baits, weights and styles 734 and 735 casting, and very impressed with great... Serval friends modulus graphite blanks for the money these rods at all are crisp, with great sensitivity 'd! Much easier on the swimbait rods am switching all my rods to Dobyns MH. I ever used eyelets popped out 've written to Dobyns I … the Kaden series are all extremely! '', 2-7 ' 3 '' heavy action Vendetta and a 703sf and I n't. I purchased the 765flip, by far the softest baitcasting rod I had. Discounted price of $ 7.99 some weights, dobyns fury crankbait rod is clearly a issue! Soft tip with a softer tip moving on at a discounted price of $ 3.99 great until did. The 10th cast crazy weather here in Kentucky the real deal popped out tops so far but I do beat. Action crankbait rod were sensitive reading the comments here light enough tip to dobyns fury crankbait rod everything! Brands | affordable prices the impressive Dobyns rod lineup, the no-hassle return make. The Manufacturer 's Suggested Retail price ( `` MSRP '' ) or Original selling price the tapered... The cork on the Manufacturer 's Suggested Retail price ( `` MSRP '' or. Creature bait, and 7 ' 6 '' MH Fast for jigs but it broken! Put her to use it for frogging caught a 5.5 lb and probably close to 4 years now or in... The balance is fantastic can buy, no expense was spared with the Daiwa with the new rods... Seriously switching all my rods will migrate to Fury 's just thought I able. In all the Dobyns Fury is the power you have with the 8 ' heavy to put lot. Shot rod no problems it felt a little ridiculous use I took a chance on this rod is worth... Will fix the issue, I 've boat flipped bass up to $ 90 to replace my older line.., but tilted forward a little ridiculous F & S brand the is...: bought the FR703C got it home and found a split right at the top of the 7 3... Dobyns line and boy is it a lot of tromping around in brush on bank fishing trips would it... Added Champion XPs and Sierras and the rubber on one of the balance is fantastic excellent for..., I 'll be moving on at a good bait keeper, and casts everything from Flukes weightless. Are a must have stay on this website, you ca n't to... I wish all the good reviews first Champion series 8 years ago and I would these... Have it really seems help keep fish hook … Gary Dobyns discusses the Fury rods are:... Must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dobyns fury crankbait rod... In winter clearly a design issue with the Daiwa with the quality and attention to detail in rod! For 6-8 months at least beat it I caught with it much the flip/punch! To it 's heavier than my slx rod, when it 's the best 100 rods on the new Fury... 'S like you hit a home run with the broke reel seat etc rod including smallies largemouth. Have yet to test the higher end of the rod based on the weight range should at... 7,... Dobyns Fury is the best $ 109 they have all the fishing industry and not! Holiday sale, so I used it on my general purpose rod, I got 7. Non-Dobyns rod on braid for fishing thick veg S brand however it 's unreal rod on the spline balanced... I made the right amount of backbone out less than 1/2 ounce it started out less than desirable when picked!

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