Why Composting?

  • Build your own compost/soil vs purchasing
  • Reduce your total food waste.
  • Soil regeneration.
  • Reduced water usage.
  • Improved water retention.
  • Enhanced garden results.

Why should you call  Plant Cincinnati to you get started composting?

Be a part of solving the environmental problems of landfill expansion, soil erosion, and soil degradation. If you’d like to know how you can learn about and get involved in the food waste to compost movement call or email for scheduling your service. Space is limited so don’t wait! With your help we can create healthier soils, healthier plants, healthier people, and stronger community!

Turn your scraps into beneficial garden soil!

Services Available

Drop off Service

$10 a month for up to 4 visits

Compost Classes

You will learn soil regeneration, creating compost, and what that means to our food and community. Here at Plant Cincinnati healthy soil makes happy clients

Ready to get started?

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