Community [out]Reach

 Our sustainable gardening practices helps work in the community feeding and educating people about food and nature. Building awareness around the importance of healthy environment as a whole hopefully creates understand and compassion for individual needs in a complex system.

Working Locally, Thinking Globally

We run a business sure, but we love giving back. We pour our profits right back into the Cincinnati local community! Whether it’s helping install a community garden or removing and replacing invasive species from a local park – those moments truly fuel our business model!

Non-Profit Partnerships

We Love Giving Back

Is your non-profit looking for a service project? Are you looking to partner with a local business that gives back? Contact us today!

Community [out]Reach

Edible Community Gardens

A community garden is pretty, but can it help a food desert? Yes! We can work to help supplement missing nutritious food while teaching the self-sufficiency!

Invasive Plant Removal

Creating a Native Oasis

Some species such as Honeysuckle can be pretty… invasive. We can remove that and replace with a native, (equally pretty) species.

Plant[ing] Cincinnati

By working together with our crew, neighborhood volunteers, donors and  partners we have been able to provide many communities with landscaping they can use for food! Not only do we help supply much needed produce to food deserts but the residents learn how to care for their gardens and be self-sufficient for years to come!

As you grow older you will realize that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, and one for helping others.

Plant Cincinnati Partners

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