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was created the summer of 2015. Michael Morris, founder and operator of Plant Cincinnati, began designing much more than just a full-service gardening and landscaping company in mind. Plant Cincinnati is meant to inspire, strengthen and educate locals while protecting and improving the environment. Plant Cincinnati continues to expand in size and services to volunteer outreach projects in the community. We use profits to propel community education about food, motivate work, and to donate to volunteer programs.

With emphasized focus on native ecology and edible designs your property’s private and public will thrive! Overall sustainability is the main objective here. The motto, “Working Locally, Thinking Globally”, says it all!

In the beginning of 2018, Plant Cincinnati rooted itself in the suburb of Madisonville to create a permanent home with a dedication to educating and improving the community. With meeting other like mind neighbors, Madisonville seemed like a great fit.

We’re grateful to the neighborhood and businesses that have been so hospitable in our welcoming. Our first project in the community spanning the summer of 2018, Plant Cincinnati worked closely with the Park Board of Cincinnati, local volunteers, and The Little Duck Creek Task Force to eliminate invasive plants along Little Duck Creek Trail between Row St. and Bramble St. Plant Cincinnati alone volunteered over 190 working man hours to removing honeysuckle, mulching, and restoring pathways!

Plant Cincinnati’s volunteer efforts have also allowed us to work with Walnut Hills Redevelopment Corporation on a healthy food project to feed people in the neighborhood, and with the grassroots monthly event “Potluck for the People”, held at Piatt Park, in a effort to help the homeless.

We are enthusiastic to do many more community projects in the new season, so feel free to contact us if you’d like us to assist in any projects or events!




Michael Morris

Michael Morris


The outdoors are where I find peace and where I feel most connected to the world. I love traveling and exploring. My passion for  photography and the arts, cooking, hiking, scuba diving, and skydiving have lead me on some fun adventures.

Here are photos of the Plant Cincinnati team members that have helped me make a positive impact and get this all started. Although some have moved on I will always be grateful for their hard work and friendships. Thank you,

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Mission Statement

Our talented staff is focused on providing the best service possible to our clients and community. Plant Cincinnati is ethically build community development through environmental labor and education. We are artists of our crafts, and we aim to help the overall landscape and the people in it to grow for generations to come. We are passionately dedicated to our work!