What is a Permaculture garden?  Have you heard the term Permaculture before?  For Cincinnati area gardeners, Permaculture means to take a natural landscape approach to gardening and to ensure you are planting things that have a purpose (for example, are edible) and that preserve and benefit the natural landscape.

This includes using plants that are native to the area and to consider the multi-use or multi-benefits of those plants.  For example, enjoying a colorful border for its beauty is wonderful, but planting a colorful border that is not only gorgeous but also provides in another way – say, a raspberry border (edible) – is one basic component of the Permaculture concept.

Using the allotted space available – be it acreage, a backyard or a small patio garden – Permaculture enthusiasts strive to emulate the nature of the area, use plant groupings that serve one another (for example, using taller plants to protect shorter plants that require more shade), and to design gardens that obtain the most benefit from the plants.

There is so, so much more everyone can learn about Permaculture, and the concept is constantly evolving – just as a Permaculture garden will constantly change and evolve season to season.

Plant Cincinnati is ready to discuss Permaculture with you and to help you design your first “Permaculture” adventure – whether your space is big or small. Drawing from conservation, environmental science, ecological preservation, and wonderful landscape design, we specialize in doing our part – and helping you do your part – in maintaining sustainability and sound ecological principles.  Start your own “Permaculture Garden” this Spring– in your own backyard!