Edible landscaping or edible gardening is a fun and exciting way Cincinnati gardeners can have their own gardening adventure this year and reap some delicious benefits!

Creating an “edible landscape” combines food production, beauty, and ecological/environmental prosperity to any gardened area.  An entire edible landscape is much more complex and requires more forethought versus planting one or two varieties of fruits or vegetables alone.

But, don’t let the idea of complexity deter you!  An edible garden just requires a little more design and planning.  And, therein lies the fun and adventure!  Combining rows or different shapes of deliciousness in your garden brings diversity – such as, varying colors and heights of your plantings.

For example, you can create patterns with different leafy vegetables.  Use different containers to provide a contrast in spacing and height. Group together different edibles to create colorful splashes or mix edibles amongst your more ornamental plantings. The fun design ideas are endless.

And, come harvest time, you will have an entire variety of “garden to table” goodness to share with your family and friends. Fun, beauty, and good food: what more could a gardener ask for?