The Cincinnati weather is great, the neighbors are out walking their dogs, and the kids are ready to bike ride and play! And…’s time to clean up and declutter your yard and garden. The question is, do YOU have the time?

Plant Cincinnati can handle it all from complex, organic garden design and implementation, to the more mundane chore of, well, simply cleaning up the yard.

Let’s face it, a lot can happen over the winter.  “Stuff” happens.  All over your yard. And, we have seen it all….from those yard reindeer used to decorate during the holidays being forgotten and buried under the snow to rusted wheelbarrows not properly stored from last year to garden and landscaping debris strewn everywhere. Plant Cincinnati is here to clean it all up….saving you time and helping you keep a good relationship with your neighbors!

Plant Cincinnati cleans up yards; removes debris, leaves and weeds; and gets existing gardens seed and plant ready!  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.