By now most of you have probably heard the trendy catchphrase “Farm to Table.”  Plant Cincinnati knows that farm-to-table restaurants and home kitchens are more than just a trend and more than just the buzzword of the day.  It’s a gardening and farming lifestyle carrying over to healthy eating.  For anyone.  For everyone.

But, what IS farm-to-table eating and dining?  The main thing to remember is that farm-to-table means what it says.  Whether you get your food straight from a farm and prepare it at home or whether you use veggies from your own garden when cooking for your family and friends, well, that’s farm-to-table.  There’s no grocery middleman.

Same goes for farm-to-table restaurants – they get their produce directly from the farm and prepare it fresh for your dining pleasure.  No store, market or distributor is in the way.

Whether you go for this trend when choosing where to eat out or if you are committed to growing your own food in your own garden, the farm-to-table approach gives you the freshest, healthiest route to a yummy, satisfying experience.

Some of my favorite Cincinnati restaurants committed to providing you the fresh, farm-to-table experience are Red Feather, Maribelle’s and Metropole.