Ahhh, a bubbling fountain.  An Asian-style pagoda and bridge.  A reflecting pool.  

Imagine sitting in your beautiful garden (go ahead, invite your neighbor to join you) and relaxing to the sights and sounds of an impressive water feature.  You feel a sense of accomplishment; you’re proud to show off your stunning garden; and you’ve earned this time to share and enjoy.

At Plant Cincinnati, exciting water features are one of our favorite ideas to customize to fit your garden, landscape and style.

In the Cincinnati area, the amount of land and size of gardens can vary widely.  You may have a small patio that you love to surround with showy plants and flowers.  Or you’re blessed with a rolling landscape out your back door with lots of trees and shrubbery in view.  Perhaps you prefer to contemplate rows and rows of delicious vegetables sprouting.

Whatever space you have, a water feature adds a lot of fun and can make your yard the talk of the neighborhood.  Some examples are:

  • Contemporary fountain in a small space
  • Stream and waterfalls in a larger area
  • Rock-lined creek marries water and stone to create a natural setting on a lot of land

Are you ready to step up your garden plans with a water feature?  Plant Cincinnati would love to help!