Sure, it’s Winter now, but Spring is coming…and fast!  It’s time to prepare for your gardens for Spring and Michael Morris of Plant Cincinnati is here to help!

Michael advises to use the Winter months to prep for your Spring gardening – and also take this down time to create your ultimate garden wish list!  

First things first:  in your garden, now is the time to remove leaves, prune, clear away dead wood and branches, clean up any other debris and also clean up your garden’s edges.

Turn the soil and add a compost mix, so those plants, flowers and veggies have a lot of good nutrients come Spring to feed on and produce wonderful results.

And, now the fun part!  Create your dream garden wish list!  Jot down what edibles you want and also take a look at native pollinators.  Really take the time to choose the right plants for the space you have. Begin thinking about ordering any seeds if that’s how you enjoy beginning your dream garden.

Look long term and plan for your garden’s maintenance – maintenance should be budgeted in your Spring garden outlook.  Many times, people forget to include the time and cost of maintenance when planning their flower and vegetable gardens.

Lastly, your garden experts are less busy out in the field this time of year – it is the perfect time to discuss your garden dreams with Michael at Plant Cincinnati and to talk about new ideas and refresh old ones.  Make your Spring 2016 garden one to be envied!